Cross Connection and BFP

Nutemp Mechanical Systems has multiple authorized “Qualified Persons” that undertake Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Programs in all municipal regions in the GTA and surrounding area. Our plumbers have all the tools and training to tackle all your cross-connection and backflow prevention needs.  If you have received a letter from your local municipality for a cross-connection survey and/or backflow preventer device test, call Nutemp 905-338-5603 ex 317 and book your appointment today.

What is a Cross-Connection?

A cross-connection is a direct or indirect connection between the potable (drinking) water system and any source of pollution or contamination and includes any by-pass, jumper connection, removable section of pipe swivel or changeover device through which backflow may occur.

When a backflow occurs, and the water starts to flow in the opposite direction, potential contaminants (e.g. chemical or biological infectious agents) at the point of the cross-connection can be drawn back into the public water system.

Cross-connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.

What is Backflow?

Water normally flows in one direction from the public water system into individual plumbing systems, can flow back to where it came. If the water begins to flow in the opposite direction, due to back pressure or back siphonage, it can contaminate the municipal drinking water system.

Cross-Connection Surveys and Backflow Prevention

A cross-connection survey is an investigation of a drinking water plumbing and/or system to determine the presence or absence of any existing or potential cross-connections.  The cross-connection survey and report must be completed by a registered “Qualified Person” on a form as approved by the region.  The results of the cross-connection survey and report, will provide the guidelines for the required backflow prevention devices within a property.

Backflow prevention devices are utilized at potential cross connection points, to ensure that backflow does not occur, and the municipal water systems remains safe.


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