About Us

At Nutemp we’ve come a long way from our beginning as a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration service company. Our evolution to multi-discipline trade contractor came in response to the need we saw within the industry for higher standards of customer care, including proactive measures such as planning equipment installations with consideration for future service requirements. Today, Nutemp offers a full range of mechanical services including equipment installation, inhouse sheet metal fabrication, refrigeration piping, plumbing-pipe fitting and backflow prevention programs for healthcare and institutional applications. Our team’s comprehensive expertise in natural gas heating, boilers, heat exchangers and energy conservation—along with a proven track record in cooling, air handling, chiller and cooling tower applications make Nutemp the first choice for our clients.

The Nutemp Promise

To build a legacy of excellence in everything we do by creating environments where our clients, team members and communities can all thrive.

A Culture of Trust

At Nutemp our people are our greatest asset and we believe in supporting and empowering our team so that everyone has what they need to perform at the highest level.

Healthy environments are important to us, for both our clients and our own operations. From keeping our team safe on the job and maintaining the highest standards of Health & Safety to instilling a culture of trust in our team members so they know they can rely on both the leadership team and each other. Simply put, we have each other’s back!

This vision has shaped our company’s Core Values—which helps us stay united and effective so our clients can rely on us with their most challenging projects in full confidence.

Dec 1983 Nutemp Incorporated

Jan 1984 Nutemp moves into 66 Thomas St Mississauga

Spring 1992 Nutemp moves to larger facility in Oakville

1994 Nutemp starts Plumbing Division

1995 Nutemp starts Sheet Metal Installation Division

2009 Nutemp starts Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop in Oakville

2012 Nutemp grows into current facilities at 3535 Laird Road

2018 Nutemp celebrates 35 years in business

2018 Nutemp achieves COR Certification

2019 Nutemp vertical integration expands into Pipe Pre-Fabrication

Today we continue our purpose. To build a legacy of excellence in everything we do by creating environments where our clients, team members and communities can all thrive.



David McMichael, Founder & CEO

We, NEVER GIVE UP! This is our mantra. It is the key to building legacies of excellence in all we do. NEVER GIVE UP is more than a statement, it’s our way of life and creates environments where our clients, team members and communities can all thrive.


Matt Soyka, Vice President

Our team’s experience positions us to support each other in achieving growth personally and professionally as a group. Continually learning allows us to leverage our competencies and strengths to provide the highest value of services to our clients.


JP Martella, Installations Manager

By ensuring we are engaging and energizing all of our team, we are able to provide high value and quality services that we stand behind, ultimately exceeding client expectations.


Daniela Cerquera, HR Manager

Our people first approach puts safety at the heart of everything we do while fostering our core values and respect for each other.


Bella Fahim, Controller

We hold each other accountable to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity and ethics to achieve our goals.

What Our Clients Say About Us