Nutemp’s comprehensive services encompass all aspects of your building’s mechanical operations. From new equipment installations, to repair and service of existing mechanical systems—we have you covered.

We offer complete solutions that keep your building operating at its best. This includes our highly experienced and fully equipped service technicians who take a proactive approach to every project. We care about the future of your building, your customer experience and it’s this attention to detail that has come to define Nutemp as a leading multi-trade mechanical contractor.

Our Building Services Include:








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The key to trouble-free building operations that are consistently operating at their best is preventative maintenance inspections. Our experienced technicians proactively identify equipment and system deficiencies before they reach the point of a costly breakdown or result in unnecessary service calls.

Preventative maintenance also increases the lifespan of mechanical infrastructure, which means additional savings for our customers in the long run. Our customized maintenance packages have terms from 1 to 5 years and are available for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings.

Service and Repair

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When equipment malfunctions you need a seasoned team that can minimize downtime and get your operations back up and running with minimal disruption.

The Nutemp team has vast experience with remedies for a full range of mechanical and electrical system services including:

Data Centre/Data Room Cooling
Building Automation Systems
Heating Systems
Air Conditioning

Cross Connection
and BFP

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Nutemp has dedicated personnel that undertake Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Programs in all municipal regions in the GTA and surrounding area. Our plumbers have all the tools and training to tackle all your cross-connection and backflow prevention needs.

If you have received a letter from your local municipality for a cross-connection survey and/or backflow preventer device test, call Nutemp at 905-338-5603 ext. 317 to book your appointment today.


Simplify the process of keeping your equipment operating at its best, with proactive maintenance solutions from Nutemp.

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs help our customers save time and resources.  Eliminate the time spent managing unnecessary service calls and find accurate records on your equipment’s maintenance history quickly and easily. 

We make it easy to achieve peace of mind in your operations and minimize the time you spend on mechanical concerns so you can focus on your operations.

Get ahead of costly breakdowns before they happen.

Avoid the frustration and expense of downtime by preventing equipment breakdowns before they happen.

Our seasoned team proactively inspects your equipment, anticipates potential problems and takes action before a failure happens. 

Relying on our information systems to diagnose problems and make recommendations in real-time allows us to keep your building operations running smoothly at all times.

Keep costs in line and avoid unforeseen expenses with the benefit of proactive maintenance.

In the same way that vehicles and other machinery require regular maintenance and inspections, your building’s mechanical equipment also requires proactive care. 

This ensures that your investment is running smoothly and avoids costly and inconvenient repairs in the future. 

As part of our preventative maintenance packages, Nutemp  helps our customers predict and plan for repairs and maintenance for more accurate and effective budgeting.